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Skin Vitality Analysis

Using state-of-the-art Visia-CR facial imaging, our in-depth Skin Vitality Analysis helps us prescribe a comprehensive aesthetics plan that is #formulatedforyou. This complimentary assessment helps us evaluate skin texture, coloration and evenness, sun or photo damage, and fine lines and wrinkles at a surface and subsurface level and provides a good baseline to monitor future progression.


11 Benefits Facial

Our 11 Benefits Facials is a personally customized treatment that targets exactly what your skin need most, such as deep cleansing, acne treatment or exfoliation. In fact, there are 11 key benefits (even though you’ll likely notice more): Brightening, Nourishing, Exfoliating, Hydrating, Anti-Aging, Relaxing, Acne Fighting, Pore Tightening, Rejuvenating, Detoxifying and Evens Skin Tone. No matter what your reason for indulging in this highly effective facial, you’ll walk away with an instant glow that’s red-carpet ready.



Belkyra is a chin, neck and jawline sculpting treatment using an acid found naturally in the body to dissolve fat. Treatments take 20 to 40 minutes and you may experience puffiness and swelling for several days. Belkyra delivers natural-looking results for anyone looking to reduce a double chin or fat around the jaw. 

$625 per vial



Botox is the first and only FDA-approved treatment to make moderate to severe frown lines, crow's feet and forehead lines look better. Treatments generally take about 10 minutes and there is virtually no downtime. This treatment delivers subtle results, so you'll look like you, only with less noticeable facial lines.

$11 per unit


Improve overall skin radiance and promote product absorption with this effective exfoliating treatment that uses a surgical scalpel to gently scrape off any dead skin cells and “peach fuzz” on the surface of the skin.

From $150


Dermalinfusion is a patented, non-invasive, 3-in-1 dermatological treatment that simultaneously exfoliates, extracts and infuses skin with condition-specific serums for an all-inclusive treatment in one step.

From $199


Dysport can be used to temporarily improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows. Instead of giving you the "frozen look," Dysport temporarily treats the facial muscles in just the area you want — between the eyebrows. With Dysport, it’s the frown lines between the eyebrows that are minimized, not your expressions.

$11 per unit


An increasingly popular alternative to plastic surgery, fillers are injected under the skin to smooth wrinkles, improve volume, and restore a youthful, rested appearance. Fillers can also be used for non-surgical rhinoplasty, to correct facial asymmetry and reduce the appearance of under eye shadows and grooves. Treatments are relatively painless and have little to no downtime. The right filler will depend on a number of factors including the treatment area and your individual goals. Options include Emervel, Restylane, Perlane-L, Belotero, Radiesse, Teosyal, and Juvederm.

$625 per syringe

Laser Resurfacing

Laser Resurfacing treatments help improve skin texture and appearance, remove scars, warts, and reduce the look of wrinkles and other superficial skin concerns. Laser Resurfacing can also be used for rosacea, spider veins, and acne-related concerns. To ensure lasting results, it is best to avoid excessive sun exposure two weeks before and after treatments.

From $299


Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty is a non-invasive alternative to a surgical nose job with immediately visible results. Injectable dermal fillers are used to reshape the nose whether that is straightening, correcting asymmetry, lifting, or smoothing out visible bumps. Hyaluronic acid provides lasting results for as long as 18 months.

From $800

Permanent Makeup

Micropigmentation uses the tattooing technique of microblading to create eyebrow hair strokes by placing ink at a near-surface level. As it restores the appearance of hair or makeup through tattooing, micropigmentation  is an alternative for anyone who can’t wear makeup due to allergies and skin sensitivities, who has unsteady hands, vision impairment, alopecia, vitiligo and cancer. While it’s sometimes called permanent makeup, micropigmentation lasts roughly six months to a year. So rest easy knowing you can change up your look in the future.

$600 per treatment area

Platelet Rich Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

Known as the “vampire facial,” Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Skin Rejuvenation harnesses the power of your plasma’s abundance of platelets to promote a glowing and youthful complexion. Treatments help with collagen stimulation, skin tightening, skin tone and texture, and reduce fine lines. Minimal downtime means you can return to your everyday activities as soon as the next day.


Sculptra increases facial volume gradually over time by stimulating your skin’s own natural collagen production. Treatments subtly deliver a more youthful-looking appearance over a series of treatments scheduled about three weeks apart. You’ll be able to return to your regular schedule immediately after treatment. Great for restoring volume that has been lost to natural aging.

$750 per syringe

Skin Boosters

Skin Boosters can help to gradually increase your skin’s elasticity using Restylane injections to reduce fine lines and imperfections to achieve a refreshed look. Fall in love with smoother, more radiant skin with treatments for your face, hands, neck and décolletage. Regular maintenance sessions will help ensure lasting results.  

$500 per treatment

Skin Tightening

As we age, we naturally lose collagen causing our skin to lose strength and thickness and become lax. Our Skin Tightening treatments use a Fotona or EndyMed Laser system that allows us to craft a series of combinable treatments to address all of your skincare concerns. These treatments are a series of non-invasive laser therapy which enables contraction of collagen and persistent tightening, volumization, and wrinkle reduction with or without injectables. To ensure lasting results, it is best to avoid sun exposure two weeks before and after treatments.

From $299

V2 Beauty Booster

Using a mix of highly concentrated hyaluronic acid and essential nutrients, Beauty Booster is a microneedling treatment that restores skin hydration and density to prevent the signs of ageing. Essential nutrients make the skin radiant and healthy as if you’re under a 24/7 Snapchat filter. The V2 injector allows for even distribution and depth to treat the neck, face and eye areas safely and with virtually no downtime.

From $650

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