Nurse Injector

Tracey is a Registered Nurse and graduated with a Bachelor of Nursing degree in 2013 from the University of Calgary.

She has honed her skills for the past five years working in Women's Health, Maternity and Newborn Care — an area of medicine which requires the gentlest touch, compassion, and a love for connecting with people from all backgrounds.

These traits have transferred over to her interest in Medical Aesthetics, where Tracey is known for her gentle technique and kindness. By merging her skillset and passion for Medical Aesthetics, Tracey has quickly become an incredibly experienced Nurse Injector.

Tracey completed an intensive mentorship in facial aesthetics and injections under the tutelage of Dr. Jonathan Lee at the Calgary Institute of Plastic Surgery. She believes in embracing your own kind of beautiful and strives to create stunning, natural results.

Tracey specializes in:

Beauty Booster